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Work Experience Bologna

My previous work experience led to an opportunity to travel to Bologna in Italy to assist a filmmaker with the media coverage of the ‘breaking ground’ day for a new data centre for ECMWF. This day included a press conference for both UK and Italian journalists as well as a number of news teams. The purpose of the day was to introduce the public to the new data centre and officially begin building the system. Before I traveled to Italy I was sent a schedule which covered what I needed to do at different points throughout. In the morning I first met with Ralph the filmmaker and traveled with him to the location. I assisted him with transporting kit. Once we arrived at the location we began a recce of the location to prepare for the livestream and any photographs that would be taken. In addition to this we took photos and videos of the setting up. This is to be used in a corporate video as well as a video on the ‘Bologna Adventure’. My main responsibilities were stills. I was given a canon 7d to take photographs on. This was a camera I had not used before however I quickly understood the functions Of it and took a couple of test shots. Guests then started to arrive so I began taking pictures of guests arriving and conversations they were having. The press conference began around midday and I was in charge of taking images of people as they asked their questions. During the press conference there was a skype call discussion with the Italian Prime Minister. After the press conference was complete, I was in charge of a live stream to the ECMWF centre in the UK. The live stream was a tour of the new facility and an explanation of the proposed plans. During this there were a few complications however we made it work in the end. One of the issues was that we did not have wireless headphones/ microphones as expected, so had to stay very close to the presenter in order to keep connection. Another issue was that the system we were using (Adobe Connect) had been logged in at the centre in UK and blocked our access. This meant we had to contact the media team in the UK to regain access however in the end it turned out successfully. The experience was greatly beneficial and helped me understand the realities of the industry. It was greatly rewarding and I will remember it always.

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