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My name is Lara Mepham and I am a student producer studying at Coventry University. I have been a lover of films since a young age. I used to make short videos on my phone with my friends when I was a little girl. This sparked a love of creating. When I was 8 I got given my first camera and I used to love going around taking photos of different things and people. This inspired a life long passion for creating media. I have worked on many productions over the years and have received a number of accolades for my work. My specialty is documentary with a focus on mental health, I have created a number of projects that look at this theme including a short documentary called 'This is Mental'. However my portfolio ranges from short films, such as 'Switch' to music videos, such as 'Green Light' to documentaries, such as 'Blesma's inspirational stories'. I am always up for any challenge. I am also a keen photographer and have worked with a number of models on photoshoots, these can be seen in the photography section o my website. My skills are constantly improving with every project I do and I have an attitude that you can never stop learning.

Introducing Me: Bio
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