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What does a Film and TV Producer do?

The main responsibilities of a Film/TV Producer include researching new ideas for projects, assessing scripts, recruitment, organising schedules and managing budgets as well as negotiating marketing and distribution methods. The skills related with this job role include Business management, financial planning, communications, creativity, leadership, teamwork and organisational skills. The main routes into this career are either a degree or an apprenticeship. The benefits of a media production degree is that it helps you build up a creative portfolio and allows you to network with other media professionals. The benefits of a production apprenticeship is that you meet people within the industry and get your name put out there. The qualifications that you need to have to get a producer job are first aid, health and safety and a creative portfolio. I looked into some of the current jobs available. These are:

This is a job for 'Good Morning Britain' on ITV. The advert describes its perfect candidate as someone who is passionate about media as well as current affairs and issues. The role will involve suggesting story ideas, developing creative treatments, booking and briefing guests, writing scripts, cutting pictures and editing VTs.

This is a job for 'Warner Brothers' and is an opportunity for you to be apart of the Wizarding World Digital video team, creating engaging, informative and entertaining short-form videos to be published across all WWD platforms.

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