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BTS- This is Mental

“The aim of our charity is to help support individuals and their families, from all walks of life, who are suffering from PTSD.” (Who Dares Cares – Colin MacLauchlan SAS & Calum Macleod KOSB). In this documentary we focus on Colin MacLauchlan, a veteran who suffers from PTSD. We look at how him and the charities’ Co-Founder, Calum Macleod, used their experiences to help others suffering from their mental health. During production, with his permission, we used found footage of Colin MacLauchlan from social media sites and featured them in our documentary. We also interviewed him about his experiences and how they impacted his mental health and learnt some more about his journey to creating ‘Who Dares Cares’.

We started production this week. We already had one interview with Colin but we wanted to ask him more questions so we had a zoom call with him. We asked him a number of questions including about his experience in the military and how they dealt with mental health. He also discussed his brother who sadly committed suicide.

This interview was very helpful in getting a great understanding of both mens mental health and Colin's story and experience of it. We now have to go through it and pick out all the best clips to use in the final export.

The next step is to clip these into a rough cut. Mia was in charge of organising the clips into a narrative style structure. We agreed on the order together. We decided that the order would be intro- military- depression- suicide- charity.

We went back to it and stripped it back to the most important 'moments'. I call the moments when I'm working on a film. They are the clips that make you take a second to process and have the most impact. We stripped the edit down to those and added some breaks in after for the audience to digest them. I then went through and constructed the final edit. Once I had an edit I was happy with I showed a few people in order to gain feedback. They were very impressed with the edit and all I had to change was one fact that I had miswritten.

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