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BTS- Switch

In the near future Katherine Hawkes is approached by a doctor to take a new pill that allows her to change one of her memories. She realises there is one thing she wishes she could change and accepts the pill. A couple years prior to this her father passes away in a tragic car accident after having had an argument with Katherine’s mother, Martha. Katherine was hurt and broken and was never quite the same after this tragic loss. In this film Katherine decides to take the pill, only to find she is trapped inside a memory loop. She lives the same day over and over trying to save her dads life, but it is not quite that simple.

Due to the current social distancing guidelines we had to come up with a couple ideas for how to make the production more covid safe. One idea was to have the drug posted as a pill packet instead of an injection in the doctors office. This would mean there would be no need for contact between Katherine and the doctor. Another idea we came up with to help with social distancing is to create a dreamscape type scene for when she is altering her memories. This would limit the amount of contact necessary.

As the producer I lead the discussion about characters and actors as well as locations. We decided that the main location would be the house and the doctors office depending on what we decide regarding covid measures. In terms of houses there are two group members who live in university houses that could be dressed to look like a family home. In terms of actors we will use casting websites such as star now in order to find actors for this. The characters we need actors for are:

  • Katherine- A young woman aged between 18-21, fair skinned with light brown hair, average build and short to medium height.

  • Katherine's Mother- A middle age woman aged 40-55, fair skinned with light brown hair, average build and short to medium height.

  • Katherine's Father- A middle age man 40-55, fair skinned with light brown hair, average build and short to medium height.

  • The Doctor- No decided description yet as dependent on covid measures.

During the second production meeting we first discussed each of our mood boards. As the producer I took lead and encouraged each group member to explain the thoughts behind their mood board and then answer questions or comments from the rest of the group about it.

My mood board included images for how I envisioned the pill scene to look. I really liked the close up shot and the drastic difference between the colour of the shot and the colour of the pill. We discussed that the colour correction may be different depending on whether the scene is shot in the real world or the memory world. When it is real world the colours will be much cooler and blue toned, whereas in the memory world it will be more warm toned with a yellow base. This technique was used in 13 reasons why.

Ryan (Director) and I had a meeting on zoom to go through the audition tapes we had for the role of the doctor. We rated them all on a scale out of 10. We then decided we would play the top 5 to the rest of the group and get their opinion.

After going through the audition tapes we decided that our favourite tapes were from Pantelis, Kelly and Laura. We judged the tapes off a number of factors including how convincing the performance was, how well they spoke, how they were in terms of personality and whether overall we could imagine them playing the part. We then met each of them and discussed with them the role a little further.

I had the idea of hosting a virtual screening party for our friends and family to attend. I created an evite and sent that out to our closest friends and family. we then showed the film as well as answered some questions afterwards.

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